Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Treasury Love - All kinds of felty goodness!

One of my favorite pairs of earrings was featured in this adorable treasury made of all kinds of neato felt-like goodies!  I'm sharing it with you for your clicking pleasure.  Enjoy. :)

Treasury Love - All kinds of felty goodness!

One of my favorite pairs of earrings was featured in this adorable treasury made of all kinds of neato felt-like goodies!  I'm sharing it with you for your clicking pleasure.  Enjoy. :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

In the Craftroom

Trying to get back into the swing of things now that family's gone home and I'm not stuck on the couch with some stupid summer cold. (Seriously?  Who gets sick in the middle of summer?!  Ugh.)  I'm still working on a few custom items... doll order is coming along quite well.  He's all together now.  Has half a shirt.  And I've picked out the material for his pants and vest.  He's going to be more of a mountainy/lumberjack type.  According to my nephew, he looks like a caveman.  (Gosh, I wish I could remember how he said it - he couldn't think of the word "caveman" so he was describing it to me...something about "people before they were really people like us" and all about how they were hunters and didn't wear clothes or something like that.  Too cute, that munchkin.  Isn't it funny how their brains process and relate stuff to us grownup folk? <3 )  Anyway, here he is so far:

He's wearing a little makeshift loincloth because even lumberjacks can be pretty modest in photoshoots.  :)  The material is actually what I'll be using for his vest.  It's super soft and furry.  Maybe it's made from a bear he hunted.  I'll have to ask him about it when he's done.

And a line up of beaver noses:

I try to make my least favorite parts ahead of time so I can just pull one out of my "beaver bag" when I'm ready to make a new beavey.  Easier to just jam 'em out that way. :)  Beaver noses are super cute, but they're tedious.  First I cut out the basic shape in black felt, then I stitch over it with embroidery thread on the beaver to give it more depth.  So it's essential to have a steady supply of beaver nose cutouts so I can just get to stitchin'.

Also, I've been working on gnomes for a while like a crazy lady (because I'm obsessed with all the awesome vintage fabric possibilities I've been stockpiling!), but I stopped for a while so I could increase the owly population around here...

Aren't they cute?!  They're awfully squishy and fuzzy.  I made them out of uber plush up-cycled materials for extra huggability.

They're for my craftshow in November, so they won't be in the shop...but if anyone's interested, you can call dibs!  Just shoot me an email. ;)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ending my Hiatus

Sorry I've not been around here lately.  I've had a busy couple weeks.  My family came in from out of state last week.  <3 <3 <3  Haven't seen them in way too long.  We had a great time. Didn't really do much - but that's kinda how I like it anyway.  You know I'm a big homebody. :) It was so wonderful to just be able to hang out with them - do some shopping, grill up some good food - just normal things.  It's a real bummer that they're gone now. But I'm so thankful and happy that they came.

Anyway, I don't really have a "real" post ready for ya.  Just a kinda big ol' photo share.  Family.  Friends.  Normal stuff.  I hope you enjoy!

My nephew, Devlin, opening his dragon and showing it to Jon.  He really liked it. :)
My dad.  Enjoying some plushie show and tell. 
My bestie's adorable little angel baby - they came by for a visit to see the fam.
Devo showing me a great train showcase on our antiquing trip to Holly.
This awesome shop we went to had a few "kitchen" displays.  I love old kitchen stuff.
A friggin awesome telephone cabinet...we may have had to actually take this one home with us.  ;)  At  a great deal too!
A simply gorgeous retro table set.  The lines on this set were so neato.  I've decided I need about 20 more rooms in my house...  
Devlin was pretty excited about this suit of armor.  It was shortly after this that I let him take my camera and play photographer to keep him happy and busy while we browsed.  There were about 10 pics of this knight alone. :)
Makin his very own fishy plush.  So proud. <3
Speaking of proud - here I am with my very first very own homemade smoothie from my brand new cuisinart!  (Thanks, Daddy!)
The last night they were here.  We ordered up a picture perfect double rainbow and celebrated with fireworks later on for the munchkin.  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Estate Finds

We headed out to an estate sale this morning - it was actually a bunch of stuff which was brought down from up north (for all you non-Michiganders, "up north" refers to the northern half of the state - Michigan's vacation territory) from a couple of cabins.  Today was the second day, but we still made off with some goodies!

Look at all that good stuff!  A new (old) star sieve.  A couple of vintage (antique?) folding measuring sticks.  An adorable set of cups from Japan (they're going in the shop this afternoon!). A pair of super cute earrings.  A copper owl brooch (he'll be in the shop too later!).  Some eyelet trim for gnome-making.  A great old wooden box for storage.  And buttons!!!  TONS of buttons.  At an excellent price.  It's really hard to find vintage and antique buttons at any sort of reasonable price.  I made out like a bandit. :)

Here's a closer look at some of my absolute favorites from the lot...

Aren't they neato?  Some I probably won't even use.  I like to collect the really cool ones.  But some you will definitely see on some in-the-works plushies. :)  Those two in the middle - second row in...a round one and an oval one - look like they're made of bone or horn or something.  And that set of square but circle blue ones near the back are awesome.  Love 'em.

And here's a better picture of my new earrings and the owly.

Like I said, the owl will be in the shop later, but the earrings are all mine.  Aren't they great?  I mean, how sweet are they?!  I just love the tiny little enameled flowers.  So very Springy and fun. <3

Thursday, August 18, 2011


...I'm still here.  Just uber-busy.  I'll try to check in a bit more frequently.  Until then - Coopie says hi too. :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Look who's here!

If you're a Pooknflip Facebook fan, you already know, but for those who aren't, guess what I got in the mail the other day!

Something from Marathon1981?  Sweeeeeeet!

So excited so excited so exciteeeeedddd........


He's sooooo friggin' cool!  I love him sooo much.  I love his colors.  His fuzzy lil' noggin.  His stretchy bunny ears.  His bada$$ attitude.


...his little pompom bunny tail!!!!  Can you stand it?!?

He is so much cooler in person too.  I can't even explain it though - I saw him online, and I knew I had to have him - the color combos were amazing and his face just killed me.  But in person....he's a million times more neato.  He just makes me super happy.

And if I can take a moment for discussion here (feel free to chime in below, fellow crafters) I feel like that is, in a nutshell, the biggest challenge for plush artists.  It's a really hard genre to be in.  The best part about plush creations - is also the worst part for online plush sellers.  The "seeing-it-in-person-pick-it-up-and-squish-it-'til-you-grin-your-ears-off" part.  You can't do that through a computer screen.  :(  So I feel like sometimes the awesomeness factor fails to translate in an online shop.  That's why I cannot wait for the show I'm doing in November.  It's going to be my first real live taste of customer feedback and I'm super excited. :)

But wait!  What's that!?

How awesome are these!?!

Can you see the texture?  I tried to get a good shot of it but it's hard to see in a photo.

I left this one a little bigger - so make sure you click on it to zoom.
They are really awesome little pieces of art.  Many, many thanks to one of my favorite bloggy buddies - so glad to have gotten to "meet" and know you.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dragon = DONE!

He's done!  Can you believe it?  How long have I been working on this fella?  Geesh.  But it's all for good reason because this guy... a gift for my adorable nephew.  What do you think?  I put so much time into this guy.  He was seriously a true labor of love.

There's so many hours in this critter...I couldn't even begin to estimate.

But I'm pretty happy with him.  And I'm super glad he's done.

Am I completely satisfied with him?  No. Sometimes I can take an idea from my noggin, to paper, to pattern, to completion and have it turn out exactly like that initial idea.  This dragon came pretty darn close.  Not quite.  But pretty darn close.

There are a few things that are driving me nuts that I wish I could tweak.  (I'm not telling you what they are either.) ;)  But sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who sees those things anyway.

Overall -- I'm happy with him.  I think he turned out great.  I LOVE the all the colors together.  Generally, he makes me happy.  I hope my nephew loves him.  He's still kinda a munchkin, but my sister's been sharing with him my progress pics on the blog so I'm hoping he'll have a pretty good appreciation for the work that I put in.  I'm not counting on that though. ;)

And speaking of kicking some serious crafty butt this weekend, guess who else is coming along!

Another custom order I've been working on.  He's almost complete.  Just have to finish a couple stitches.  But then I have his whole outfit to do - and I'm not sure what this guy likes to wear yet.  I do know he'll be sporting a nice fur vest...but that's it so far.  Excited!!

Etsy Find Lovin'

Just a few things I've been drooling over lately...

Big Bone Handmade
De Estraperlo
Rachel's Studio

And one I couldn't live without from the magnificent Marathon 1981!  (Love her stuff - and she's one cool chica too.  If you haven't already, you should check out her blog.)  I can't wait til this little guy gets here!  I think he's going to keep me company at the day job.  I need some happy for that office. :)


Friday, August 5, 2011

Music I'm Diggin Right Now

This is another one of those new (to me) voices that is just so darn good.  And I actually prefer them live - that's the best kinda band, isn't it?  Dave Matthews (one of my absolute all time favorites) is like that - way better live.  Always.

Anyway - I love this song.  It's so...full.  Just full.  Of passion, angst, love, loss, strength.  And I just love love love her voice.

Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Pooknflip Interview

One of my favorite soap ladies, who also happens to be a local artist here in Michigan, has featured me in a mini-interview over on her blog.  If you've got a minute, pop over and check it out!  On a related note, I'll be featuring her and her shop here in an interview in the near future.  So if you're in the market for a great handmade soap artisan - stay tuned. :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Guess what?!?

"Hi Cassandra,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted as an exhibitor in the 2011 Santa's Craft Castle, on Sat. Nov. 19, 2011.   
I will be mailing out detailed information, such as morning check in procedure instructions & arrival time/door assignments to you in early Nov.

Thank you again for applying to our show and I look forward to seeing you in Nov!
 Kim Schales :)
2011 Santa's Craft Castle Chairperson"

I'm in!!  I can't wait.  I'm so excited!  Woohoo!!  

Tonight I've actually been working on my nephew's dragon (yesterday I had the second wing almost done and the darn thing ripped on back to square one today) but every other waking moment has pretty much been devoted to inventory production for the show!  So it's a good thing they liked me. :)