Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ending my Hiatus

Sorry I've not been around here lately.  I've had a busy couple weeks.  My family came in from out of state last week.  <3 <3 <3  Haven't seen them in way too long.  We had a great time. Didn't really do much - but that's kinda how I like it anyway.  You know I'm a big homebody. :) It was so wonderful to just be able to hang out with them - do some shopping, grill up some good food - just normal things.  It's a real bummer that they're gone now. But I'm so thankful and happy that they came.

Anyway, I don't really have a "real" post ready for ya.  Just a kinda big ol' photo share.  Family.  Friends.  Normal stuff.  I hope you enjoy!

My nephew, Devlin, opening his dragon and showing it to Jon.  He really liked it. :)
My dad.  Enjoying some plushie show and tell. 
My bestie's adorable little angel baby - they came by for a visit to see the fam.
Devo showing me a great train showcase on our antiquing trip to Holly.
This awesome shop we went to had a few "kitchen" displays.  I love old kitchen stuff.
A friggin awesome telephone cabinet...we may have had to actually take this one home with us.  ;)  At  a great deal too!
A simply gorgeous retro table set.  The lines on this set were so neato.  I've decided I need about 20 more rooms in my house...  
Devlin was pretty excited about this suit of armor.  It was shortly after this that I let him take my camera and play photographer to keep him happy and busy while we browsed.  There were about 10 pics of this knight alone. :)
Makin his very own fishy plush.  So proud. <3
Speaking of proud - here I am with my very first very own homemade smoothie from my brand new cuisinart!  (Thanks, Daddy!)
The last night they were here.  We ordered up a picture perfect double rainbow and celebrated with fireworks later on for the munchkin.  


Becky said...

Devlin = the cutest kid I've seen on the Internet all week.

Cassandra said...

Aw, thanks Becky. He is pretty cute - but as the auntie, I'm a little biased. :)