Monday, August 29, 2011

In the Craftroom

Trying to get back into the swing of things now that family's gone home and I'm not stuck on the couch with some stupid summer cold. (Seriously?  Who gets sick in the middle of summer?!  Ugh.)  I'm still working on a few custom items... doll order is coming along quite well.  He's all together now.  Has half a shirt.  And I've picked out the material for his pants and vest.  He's going to be more of a mountainy/lumberjack type.  According to my nephew, he looks like a caveman.  (Gosh, I wish I could remember how he said it - he couldn't think of the word "caveman" so he was describing it to me...something about "people before they were really people like us" and all about how they were hunters and didn't wear clothes or something like that.  Too cute, that munchkin.  Isn't it funny how their brains process and relate stuff to us grownup folk? <3 )  Anyway, here he is so far:

He's wearing a little makeshift loincloth because even lumberjacks can be pretty modest in photoshoots.  :)  The material is actually what I'll be using for his vest.  It's super soft and furry.  Maybe it's made from a bear he hunted.  I'll have to ask him about it when he's done.

And a line up of beaver noses:

I try to make my least favorite parts ahead of time so I can just pull one out of my "beaver bag" when I'm ready to make a new beavey.  Easier to just jam 'em out that way. :)  Beaver noses are super cute, but they're tedious.  First I cut out the basic shape in black felt, then I stitch over it with embroidery thread on the beaver to give it more depth.  So it's essential to have a steady supply of beaver nose cutouts so I can just get to stitchin'.

Also, I've been working on gnomes for a while like a crazy lady (because I'm obsessed with all the awesome vintage fabric possibilities I've been stockpiling!), but I stopped for a while so I could increase the owly population around here...

Aren't they cute?!  They're awfully squishy and fuzzy.  I made them out of uber plush up-cycled materials for extra huggability.

They're for my craftshow in November, so they won't be in the shop...but if anyone's interested, you can call dibs!  Just shoot me an email. ;)

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