Thursday, August 11, 2011

Look who's here!

If you're a Pooknflip Facebook fan, you already know, but for those who aren't, guess what I got in the mail the other day!

Something from Marathon1981?  Sweeeeeeet!

So excited so excited so exciteeeeedddd........


He's sooooo friggin' cool!  I love him sooo much.  I love his colors.  His fuzzy lil' noggin.  His stretchy bunny ears.  His bada$$ attitude.


...his little pompom bunny tail!!!!  Can you stand it?!?

He is so much cooler in person too.  I can't even explain it though - I saw him online, and I knew I had to have him - the color combos were amazing and his face just killed me.  But in person....he's a million times more neato.  He just makes me super happy.

And if I can take a moment for discussion here (feel free to chime in below, fellow crafters) I feel like that is, in a nutshell, the biggest challenge for plush artists.  It's a really hard genre to be in.  The best part about plush creations - is also the worst part for online plush sellers.  The "seeing-it-in-person-pick-it-up-and-squish-it-'til-you-grin-your-ears-off" part.  You can't do that through a computer screen.  :(  So I feel like sometimes the awesomeness factor fails to translate in an online shop.  That's why I cannot wait for the show I'm doing in November.  It's going to be my first real live taste of customer feedback and I'm super excited. :)

But wait!  What's that!?

How awesome are these!?!

Can you see the texture?  I tried to get a good shot of it but it's hard to see in a photo.

I left this one a little bigger - so make sure you click on it to zoom.
They are really awesome little pieces of art.  Many, many thanks to one of my favorite bloggy buddies - so glad to have gotten to "meet" and know you.


Heedless said...

LOOOOVE the prints...and I totally get the coolness of the stuffed character it too, I respect how the artist made the character so offbeat...and if I was an art history major I could probably put it into words better:)

marathon1981 said...

Aw thanks for the gushings (: I"m so glad he came so quickly too, I'm very surprised it was just so fast! and I am please he has a great new home too

And for the discussion, I totally get what you mean about plush through the screen ... not the same effect at all! I find that I sell WAY more plush at shows than online just because people can see them in a group and choose their favorite, feel textures and everything. I think you will really enjoy your first show a lot!!

and btw your finished dragon is AMAZING! I thought i had written about it already but I'm blown away with how much he turned out like your drawing, you should have a comparison shot (: