Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ironing In Style

I hate ironing.  It's boring.  And I get frustrated with it easily.  So any little bit I can do to make this chore a bit less - chore-ish, is A-OK in my book.

This is my old ironing board cover:

Yeah, I know - ew.  On top of that, what you can't really see is that other than being this boring, institutional grey-blue color, it's all stained up and doesn't stay put on the board either.

BUT!  Here's my totally awesome, 100% groovy, $4.99, still in the package! (yes, can you believe it?) thrift store find:

Super cool, eh?!?

And here it is in all its awesomeness making my ironing board happy:

Hoooraaaayyyyy!  Just look at those funky mushrooms!

Makes the whole ironing thing kinda fun now even.  Ok, well, maybe not fun.  But better.  Much better.

I'm thinking of combining a couple of my favorite things ever (being thrifty and thrifty/vintage finds) and doing a regular post series kinda along this theme - "$5 (and under) thrift finds".  Would anyone be willing to join in?  It could be about clothes, crafty stuff, ironing board covers...anything you thrifted for around $5.  You could link to your blog posts or just post your finds in the comments.  Whaddya think?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I've been up to...

...besides working my lil' buns off in the craftroom, anyway...

(And sorry - really I am - about the sporadic postings, but it's pretty much a necessity until after the show craziness dies down a bit.  Bear with me!)

Attending some pretty awesome estate sales - this one was total Pickers' style!
Giving these frames (found at previously-mentioned estate sale^) a little pick-me-up.  Gonna use them in my upcoming show to hold my pricing info, etc.   I painted them this awesome green to match the vintage suitcases I'll be using. :)
Having some pretty stellar bonfires.  With some pretty stellar friends.
Making my first ever apple pie!!  Actually, I think it's the first PIE I've ever made.  It turned out deeeeelicious!
And today - enjoying a nice, lazy Sunday w/my honey....planting mums...eating apple pie...catching up with you fine folks!
What have you been up to?  Anything fun?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New in the Shop...

...soon.  I've got big plans this weekend.  One of them is to get a bunch of my vintage finds photographed and in the shop.  It's doing me no good having it all hanging around my craftroom.  I gotta share that vintage love!!

This guy's already in the shop as of tonight:

I'm gonna try to get this guy in tomorrow:

And lets shoot BIG for another five...three?  Okay, three sounds more reasonable.  I've got crafting to do and company coming over tomorrow too.  So let's try for three more items to go into the shop by Sunday night!  Any more than that and we are AMAZING and get to pat ourselves on the back.  (Why am I speaking as though there are more than one of me?  I gotta get to bed...)

So how 'bout this little fella...

And these two adorable sets...

I've also got some gorgeous earrings I'd like to get in.  A bracelet.  Another cool vintage picnic set.  A bunch of Pyrex.  Some awesome fabric.  An occupied Japan peacock handwarmer.  A leather jewelry box. Some more owls...

Ugh.  Getting overwhelmed.  And that's not even all of it!  Big plans, I tell you, big plans.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Lucky Estate Sale-er, Am I

Sorry my posts have been sorta erratic.  Just so you're all "in the know", I'm enrolled in class again this semester.  Wheel throwing.  But that's a whole other story...

I went to a pretty sweet estate sale over the weekend.  I took a chance and went on the last day.  Sometimes that works out (because you get the best deals) and sometimes it doesn't (things get picked through pretty quick at these things).  Happily, this time it worked out - I'm glad I went.

I was talking to Jon about it, and I think it works out for me b/c the things I'm looking for aren't always the high demand stuff.  He's a first day kinda guy.  I mean I do like a lot of the things that would sell on the first day from a collector/decorator standpoint for my home.  But as far as finding cool stuff for my shop and awesome vintage supplies for my crafts - I often do really well.  Check out that haul ^ !

I found an awesome stash of ribbons and ric-rac.  I stocked UP!!

A couple of my favorites.
Here are some awesome vintage thermoses and a great plaid cooler.  I LOVE the colors.  I haven't decided if I'll be keeping one or more of these guys, or if all will be going in the shop.

A most excellent stash of vintage fabric!  (Obsession much?  Yes.)

And another couple random awesome items.  Super cute "Have a Happy Day" bag (1970s?  I might be keeping this one.  How many totes does one girl need...?) and an adorable little baby jumper/overall with the tags still on!  (Shop-bound.)

All-in-all, a pretty great haul.  Oh, and if you look really close in the first picture (remember, you can always click to enlarge my pics) there's some other pretty sweet finds.  A great, vibrant napkin set.  A fur wrap that I'll be upcycling.  A fat stack of vintage felt (with original price tags - one of my favorite parts about vintage shopping! - "JCPenny 10/$1.00").  A whole jar of grommets (I think I'll be using them for my holiday gift tags for the show).  A bag of what I'm calling "french fry" foam stuffing that I can't wait to play with (it's peaking out from behind the thermoses).  Ad a cute pin cushion with a hand-crocheted trim all around.

K, I'm off to bed.  Did you do anything cool over the weekend?  Is anyone else in class right now?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Music I'm Diggin Right Now

I love love love this song.  From the soundtrack of one of my all time favorite movies.  I actually forgot about it for a while, but I found the CD recently and it's been on repeat in my office ever since.  (That whole soundtrack is great, btw.)  Something about this song just feels good to me.  It also feels like fall to me for some reason.  I've been diggin' it a lot lately.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gnomework Help

I'm experiencing some crafty block in my little gnome factory over here.  So I figured I'd turn to you fine folks.  :)  Anyone want to help?

Here is the gnome in question:

Here's option #1:

Here's option #2:

I think I'm having trouble because the original feeling I got from this gnome was that he'd maybe be a nursery kind of gnome -  or kids' room - and he gave off a real circusy vibe to me - but I don't know if I have any trim that goes perfectly with that original vibe.  So I'm getting stuck.

I think the white ric rac goes along great with that kid's/circusy vibe and obviously matches really well.  But it's not very exciting or unique-looking to me.  (But like I was discussing with Jon, I have to stop being such a meticulous perfectionist with this stuff all the time.  It'll make me crazy.  I'm not the one that each of these gnomes will be going home with - so it's okay to make all different kinds of gnomes that all different kinds of people will like.)

Anyway, on the other hand, the little vintage fish (dolphin? whale?) ribbon is friggin' awesome! and I haven't used it for anything yet.  And I think that the proportion of its pattern and the wide white & yellow gnome stripes are similar and therefore mesh well.  However, I'm not sure it really....goes. ?  But I guess it does vibe with the whole circus thing...

I don't know.  Does neither work?  What do you think?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Giveaway Love!

RadMegan, one of my favorite bloggy chicas (and one of the craftiest girlies I know online) is having an awesome giveaway over on her blog!  Head over to enter!  (And be sure to spend some time on her blog while you're there - if you don't get inspired, you're probably sleeping.) :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy Little Beeee!

Seven, count them!, SEVEN new gnomes to add to the gnome squad!

Look at all those guys (and gals)!  Aren't they cool?

Now I'm on to makin beavers for a while.

Got a couple Christmasy beavers going...and a regular beaver...and a fuzzy beaver. *chucklechucklechuckle*  Stop laughing, you!  This is a family friendly blog.  ;)

Monday, September 5, 2011

The low down

The work station:

The sustenance (my new invention: grapefruit and sweet apple cider over ice):

The inspiration pile:

The production line (the post-sewn, pre-face section):

The entertainment (Annie!):

The helper:

Just a quick pop in to let you guys know what I've been up to.  I'll be back soon to share the product of all this craft room craziness soon!