Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gnomework Help

I'm experiencing some crafty block in my little gnome factory over here.  So I figured I'd turn to you fine folks.  :)  Anyone want to help?

Here is the gnome in question:

Here's option #1:

Here's option #2:

I think I'm having trouble because the original feeling I got from this gnome was that he'd maybe be a nursery kind of gnome -  or kids' room - and he gave off a real circusy vibe to me - but I don't know if I have any trim that goes perfectly with that original vibe.  So I'm getting stuck.

I think the white ric rac goes along great with that kid's/circusy vibe and obviously matches really well.  But it's not very exciting or unique-looking to me.  (But like I was discussing with Jon, I have to stop being such a meticulous perfectionist with this stuff all the time.  It'll make me crazy.  I'm not the one that each of these gnomes will be going home with - so it's okay to make all different kinds of gnomes that all different kinds of people will like.)

Anyway, on the other hand, the little vintage fish (dolphin? whale?) ribbon is friggin' awesome! and I haven't used it for anything yet.  And I think that the proportion of its pattern and the wide white & yellow gnome stripes are similar and therefore mesh well.  However, I'm not sure it really....goes. ?  But I guess it does vibe with the whole circus thing...

I don't know.  Does neither work?  What do you think?


Kimberly said...

On its own, the fish ribbon is super cool, but on the gnome, I prefer the rick-rack. So cute!

Jen said...

He needs a ruffle that sticks out from his neck, like a clown.

Cassandra said...

I hear ya, Kimberly. I do love that fish ribbon though...

That would be awesome, Jen! I'll have to see if I have anything like that.