Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I've been up to...

...besides working my lil' buns off in the craftroom, anyway...

(And sorry - really I am - about the sporadic postings, but it's pretty much a necessity until after the show craziness dies down a bit.  Bear with me!)

Attending some pretty awesome estate sales - this one was total Pickers' style!
Giving these frames (found at previously-mentioned estate sale^) a little pick-me-up.  Gonna use them in my upcoming show to hold my pricing info, etc.   I painted them this awesome green to match the vintage suitcases I'll be using. :)
Having some pretty stellar bonfires.  With some pretty stellar friends.
Making my first ever apple pie!!  Actually, I think it's the first PIE I've ever made.  It turned out deeeeelicious!
And today - enjoying a nice, lazy Sunday w/my honey....planting mums...eating apple pie...catching up with you fine folks!
What have you been up to?  Anything fun?

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