Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy little beaver!

(Hahaha!  I couldn't resist.)

Topic on my mind today: I'm kinda concerned about my pricing for this show.  I've never even attended this particular show as a buyer so I don't know what the market is like - who my customers will be. But I hope they know and understand what goes into handmade items.  My beavers are $40.  I don't think that's high.  And I know I'm not high compared to my plushie-making peers.  But I wonder what the average shopper thinks...

It took me the better part of all day today to get to this point ^.  And that's just the fabric-choosing and cutting.  That's not counting the time that went in before - the sketching, the pattern design and tweaking, the shopping for materials.  And it's not counting, of course, any of the time after - sewing these babies up, piecing them togther and stuffing them.

I think this little guy (gal?) is my favorite for today:

LOVE the colors.  The quilted fabric.  And the funky patterns.  So bright and cheery.  This one just makes me especially happy. :)

Artists/Crafters - do you worry about your pricing?  How long did it take you to get to where you felt comfortable charging what you do?  How did you reach that "sweet spot" - charging enough where you feel happy based on the amount of time (bloodsweat&tears!) you have in, but little enough that you feel your customers will be happy paying it?

Shoppers - do you feel there's more value in handmade goods?  Enough where you feel comfortable and even happy paying more?  Sometimes I feel it can be a lost cause competing with popular, machine-made, big box store items.  I buy a lot of handmade, but I wonder how others feel...would love to hear from both/all sides of the spectrum!


radmegan said...

I think $40 is totally reasonable. I know a lot of crafters will sell their stuff for a lower price to be competitive, but that drives all of the prices down and really undercuts all of the time, work, materials that go into these! I'd say, pick a price you are comfortable with, and stand by it. Those beavers are so darn cute! And "hand-made" is not the same as factory-made... it's special. And again, worth it! That said, I do struggle with my own pricing, but when I believe in something, I stick to my guns! Good luck at the show!! Let me know if you have any beavers left over! I need one in my home!! xoxo

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

Megan - you're so sweet. :) And I really value your opinion so I'm glad you stopped by.

Thank you for the reassurance - I need it. "Sticking to my guns" on this issue is a toughy. I know what you mean though. I feeel like I'm in that sweet spot...but I tend to doubt myself on this subject a lot. I think a lot of crafters do.

You will be the first to know who's still hangin out after the show. :) I'd love for a beaver to go live with you!! Again - thanks for coming by w/ur much-appreciated two cents!

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

PS: I totally agree with you on the lowering prices dilemma. I hate seeing so many beautiful items sold for so little - either at art shows or on Etsy, etc. It's a real problem when it causes others to have to feel crappy for charging what's totally fair for their work. Again - that "sweet spot" is an elusive creature!