Saturday, October 8, 2011

My favorite season...

...the food...the hoodies...the colors...the fashion...the weather.  (Actually, it's almost 80 degrees here today - but we're not gonna talk about it.)

I'm feeling very Autumnesque today.  Just wanted to share some beautiful images I found today.  I've got some DIY ideas in the works too...stay tuned. :)

This looks delicious!  From here.
Dress+sweater+belt (and anything navy for that matter) = so very me.  From here.
There are some seriously creative people out there.  LOVE this!  What are you going to carve this year?  I have no idea yet.... (from here)
This pumpkin tutorial has been on my "to do" list since last year.  *Sigh*  From an absolutely lovely blog I follow - if you haven't been - go!
This picture just conjures cozy images like mad - mmmmm. :) From here
Absolutely beautiful.  This is a "home" image for me.  100% country girl.  From here.
Love the dress.  Love the sweater (that color!).  Love the earrings.  Love the boots.  I love fall clothes! (from here)
So cool.  And spooooooky!  Don't you just love fall?!

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