Saturday, October 29, 2011

Update. And my mock up!

What's been going on around here?

*cutting*sewing*creating*ordering*problem-solving*organizing* list-making*learning*brain-storming*starting*finishing*deciding*making*

What's not been going on around here?

*regular meals*house cleaning*laundry*thrifting trips*social life*sleep*

But it's all worth it!  Wanna see my booth mock up I did in the basement tonight?  Yes?  Of course, yes!

What do you think?  I mean - it's in the basement, so the lighting's not the best.  And the tables are a bit rigged.  And I need more beavers, birdies and owls.  But you get the overall feel. I'd say I'm pretty happy with it.  I have a couple more details to work in - my signage, the business card holders I'm making.  Stuff like that.  But I like it so far. (And those table clothes!  Can you believe it?!  I love 'em!)

OH!  And I was finally able to order my banner!  It's done, and I ordered it Tuesday, and it should be here in two to three weeks!  I can't wait to show you.  Super excited about it.  :)

Any seasoned crafters out there have any pointers for me?  It's getting down to the wire - and I feel pretty prepared (other than I need to beef up my inventory) but any and all advice is always welcome!


nancycreations said...

First off I love your creations they are wonderful especially the owls who are cocking their heads to one side at you. Having owned several birds in my lifetime they really do this in life kind of like they're trying to figure you out.It may just be my in my own wierdness but I think the table coverings are to bright and they take away from your wonderful creations but I love the colorful combination so I don't know if I would change it or not , maybe tryout some different table coverings but I love your owls got to check to see if you have a shop my daughter loves owls and christmas is right around the corner.

Katie said...

Love it! You are working so hard and it shows. Looks amazing.

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

Thank you, Katie! Ur words are very sweet and encouraging. <3

Nancy - thank you also! I'm glad to hear that the owls "connect" with you. :) I've never had a bird - but I do love owls and have seen them do that too!

No- I don't think its ur weirdness at all. :) I thought about the table coverings being too bright too. But they do fit my style and overall, I think they might stand out and draw people to my booth... Maybe?

Why, yes I do have a shop. >) It's not very stocked right now due to everything being created for the show. But if you see an owl that you like, I'd be more than happy to reserve him/her for you - or create a custom one for your daughter.

marathon1981 said...

Cassandra, this looks amazing! your hard work is sure paying off!!
My one advice would also be about the table coverings, they are AWESOME but I had the same trouble my first sale, found the best piece of vintage fabric ever which suited my style, but it ended up being hard to look at.
I like the idea of using bright ones as a first layer for the skirting of the table, and just a white sheet over the very top so all the bright creatures stand out but the colours will still draw people in.

but this is something you can experiment with too. if you have a two day sale, try something else the second day and keep track of how people react, or for the next sale. I still learned a lot the last sale i just did (pictures soon!) so it's always a learning experience

I hope the best for you!! i'd love to have a real chat some time to know your experience

Shawna said...

Hey girl.... the table covers are my pointer too.... yes, they are bright, but, as you said, they are also you. Just lose the center one... that red and blue plaid clashes (try maybe a solid black piece, so the two tasseled pieces aren't in competition so much (and I seriously am in love with the one on the left with all those orange poppies!)

The booth otherwise looks amazing.... there is nothing there that doesn't need to be there and the whole set-up is nice and simple... which draws people to your product. and the wood bins you are using to display everyone in goes very well....its a booth that would certainly catch my eye and draw me in.

Question though.... you have those green frames scattered about... are those for sale or are those going to be displaying pricing for everything else? And the green bowl is completely out of place because it is the only one there... is it for candy you are giving out or is it for sale? If either of them are for sale its probably not going to catch anyone's attention because all you really see to your booth is plushies.... not collectables.

Can't wait to see the banner!

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

Hey Shawna! Great feedback!! I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by. :)

That's a good point about the middle cloth - maybe I can find something that does more "meshing" and less "fighting". Hmm...

As for the frames and the bowl - not for sale - yes for price/info and candy. :) (You're good!) The three frames will be holding pricing list, credit card/SquareUp logos, and in the third - a little note about how I use a lot of vintage and upcycled materials in all my work.

Again - thanks so much for your input. I really do appreciate it!

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

Hi Kami! I was hoping to hear from you on this. :)

It's only a one day show, but I think I'm definitely going to take (both of) your advice and tone things down a bit by going a little more subdued on that middle cloth. I love the other ones too much to give them up. Lol! One thing that's driving my design choices is that this is going to be more of an "event" than just a show. It's going to be very Christmasy themed w/lots of decor, and music, etc. So I def want to stand out and not get lost in all the glitter, so to speak. (I guess I'd prob be able to accomplish the same thing by doing a very simple set up - but it's just not plushies crave color! Ha.) It will be a learning experience indeed though! I hope to learn a lot.

And I can't wait to see pics of your last show! I always love seeing how you do your booth! Thanks so much for the wisdom - I'm taking it all in for sure!