Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! AND a Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale!

Hello to all of my wonderful bloggy friends!  I'm kinda psyched tonight because I just came home from an absolutely lovely dinner with the family (well, my adopted family - Jon's family - but they're mine now because I love them...a lot) and I'm in such an awesome mood!  I hope very much that wherever you are, that you had an equally wonderful day, whether you were enjoying your own Thanksgiving bliss, or just hanging out doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

I'm also super excited because - - - I'm having a Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale this weekend starting....NOW! :)

Everything in my Etsy shop is 15% off.  And (bonus!) anything you've seen (in the works-in-progress recently...

For example, these three critters didn't make it in the shop yet, but are definitely available!
...or maybe in the pictures from the show) that is not yet in the shop is also available at the sale price!  Just contact me for details. I've been working my lil' tookus off trying to get everything photographed and in the shop for you before the sale, but I didn't quite make it.  I will be adding more things over the next couple days too, so check back all weekend for updates.

I don't have sales often because I try to price my stuff really reasonably to begin with so I honestly don't have much wiggle room.  But I really am thankful for everyone who comes by here to comment...or favorites things in the shop...or gives me feedback...or just sends some general love my way.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  So this is a tiny way I can try to show you some love back.  :)  I hope you enjoy the sale.  And even if you don't need anything from my shop - definitely think about supporting the handmade community this season by doing some shopping around on Etsy this weekend.  So many artists are having excellent sales!

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