Sunday, December 18, 2011

My week in photos...

Aside from the fact that I've clearly become obsessed with my Hipstamatic app, we've just been busy with family and holiday type stuff around here lately.  I've also been crafting up a storm - finishing projects and getting some gifts completed.  Tonight I'm actually working on some more plarn bags.  I'd like to stock the shop with them by the time summer rolls around - they make great farmer's market bags!  But other than that, and more specifically, I just wanted to pop in real quick to share my week in re-cap. :)

We attended the "Midnight Madness" event in Romeo again this year.

Gosh, I love looking at all the vintage Christmas stuff.  Especially in this one store - they've got the coolest stuff.  I feel a holiday tradition coming on.  And! while we were in the store, carolers stopped and sang out front!  Real live carolers!!  I don't think I've ever seen/heard carolers in real life.  It was great.  And we did end up bringing home a couple treasures - including a couple of these little cuties:

Moving on - I fiiiiiinally completed my custom order art doll - Boris. :)

Ordered some cute stuff for the boys for Christmas...

Jammed out this adorable little guy for my dad for Xmas.  Don't tell him!  (And sorry for the exposure - bad lighting.)

Jon and I found and stopped at a new antique shop on our way to our annual holiday party yesterday.

Very cute stuff - totally going back when we have more time.  

And our house is totally decked out for Christmas now. :)  Moezilla is lovin it. 

How's your holiday season shaping up?  Are you making gifts?  Deckin your halls?  Will you be having Christmas dinner at your place?  Do you feel ready?


radmegan said...

Great shots! I love your Christmas cheer! We don't even have a tree yet- just a wreath! SAD! I'm going to hang lights and ornaments all over it and shove a present in the middle of it! Seems like December RAN passed me this year! Next year, a tree and more decorations.. FOR SURE!

Happy almost Christmas girl!


Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

You're such a sweetie, Megan! Ohmigoodness, I hear you on that - sooo busy and behind on everything this year for some reason! Happy almost Christmas to you too. :)