Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little Bit o' Nostalgia

At the end of the summer, I lucked out at an estate sale and, among many other awesome things, I found a nice little stack of vintage magazines.  Every now and again, I like flipping through the pages.  I like seeing the old products.  The ads.  I like reading the articles to find out what was important to people then.  What they thought of as healthy.  What the roles of husband, wife & child were.  How the houses looked.  How much a new washing machine cost.  :)

I find history fascinating (especially recent history - namely 50s-ish).  And I often wonder why I do.  It's not like I was around in these bygone eras I love so much.  It's not like my parents were especially nostalgic about their childhoods.  I don't have any particular tie or anything.  I just love it.  And I feel that, even considering how much closer to home war was, the political state of things, the segregation of the races, etc, etc, even with all that - I feel it was a much simpler time.  People were kinder to one another.  Neighbors were neighbors - not strangers.  The clothes were awesome!  Yaddayaddayadda.  I dunno.  Maybe I'm just idealistic about it.  If you have a similar fascination though, you know what I mean.

Anyway!  So I got all these magazines.  And I love them.  And instead of sitting silently in my private library - I figured I'd come share some of these gems with you guys once in a while. :)  Today's images all come from this May 1951 issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine (and I'm digging her kitchen!):

Love all the color schemes!  (By the way, if you're trying to read any of these - just click on the pic - they should blow up bigger. :) )
A tribute to mother. 

I can just feel the interior decorators cringing.  
"How to Brighten a Book...and a Boy!"  Some lighting suggestions by G.E.
Haha! "Don't be a Statistic!"  I love these chairs.  I used to have a red one.  But now I have a cool green one.  They do come in very handy around the house.
Putting this car on next year's Christmas list.  And apparently it's great on gas! (Doubting the truthfulness of this ad a bit actually...this car?  From the 50s?  A week?  Um...)
The greatest thing since sliced....cheese?  I love everything about this ad.  The color and composition are great.  I'm thinking about getting it framed actually.  And it's "Extra-Good Tasting"!  Ha!
Are you a vintage lover?  Do you have a favorite era?  When I was younger, it was totally the 60s & 70s.  But now, I'd say I'm definitely partial to the 50s.  I also like the 30s & 40s though.  Geesh!  Ok - so do you have any favorite eras?


Shawna said...

Actually I love these eras too (30s, 40s, 50s)....its nice to know I am not the only dweeb out there.

I especially love the dresses that women used to wear (that would NEVER fit me in a million years) with their full skirts and nipped waists. I wish I could look half as adorable in an apron...

It just feels like such a sweeter and gentler era where people actually got to know their neighbors...and everything was wholesome and homey and a bit of "gee whiz mom".

I also get a big kick on the ads as well... I think that car actually came with a larger gas tank so it got more, rather than better mileage. Also, I don't think people did as much travelling as we do these days.... still, its a cute ad for a stinking cute rig... and check out that gorgeous coat she's wearing (swoon!) That does it, I need to learn to adapt patterns so I can make one of those bad boys fit me!

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

Lol - we are dweebs together, Shawna. :)

OMG, I aDORE the dresses! I find I tend to look goofy in them too. I love trying them on at the thrift store though. Every once in a while I can find a cute one.

Aaahh....that makes sense about the gas tank. I didn't think of that. Ugh - I wish my sewing skills were up to that level! That's on my "list" for 2012 - learn to sew some clothes for myself. Plushies are cute - but you can't wear em! Ha!

A.A Van Hoof said...

I can never decide, I go through phases. I think I'm the opposite.. it used to be 40's/50's and now it's 60's. I love everything 20's too and am more than a little obsessed with everything art deco, except the fashion just doesn't work for my body shape. waaa.
I bought a bunch of 50's magazines a while back (all b&w though) and made a big collage of my favourite ads, and then framed it. It has pride of place in our living room and people love reading it :)

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

Ugh! Don't you hate that! I wish I could look good in all the clothes I loved. I'm just too short for a lot of them though.

Your collage sounds really neat! I'd love to see it. (Blog post idea?) ;)