Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Readers' Rag Rug Show & Tell

Hi everyone!  So remember the rag rug tutorial I did a couple summers ago?  I had such an amazing and overwhelming response to that project - I was really very humbled and honored.  (People actually think I know what I'm doing!!  Shhhh - don't tell anyone I'm just an excellent faker.) ;)

I had so many people send me the sweetest messages and stories about their rugs.  Some people had never crocheted in their lives - but wanted to start with this project. How cool is that?!  I mean - it is super easy and fun so I can understand why this is a great starter project - but again, I was so honored to be a part of that. :)

So today's post is dedicated to all those lovely crafty chicas who took the time to come by and ask a question...share a picture...start a dialogue on this project.  I really appreciate YOU!  And I'd like to share with all my bloggie friends some of the beautiful creations that were shared with me.  Enjoy!

This pretty "watermelony" rug says "Meemaw" in the middle - how cool !

A rectangle version!  Neato!

Such even, tight stitches.  I bet this one turned out awesome!

The soft neutrals and blues in this one give me a happy "beach house" vibe.

Funkadelic!!  This one is right up my alley.  Love all the color!

Haha!  A gal after my own heart.  I know how challenging crafting can be when you have such great "helpers" all the time!

This chicky had some excellent reusing ideas to get this perfect color pallet for her living room.  

Loving this big fat stitches!! Ooooh the texture!!!

This sweet little rug was made for a sweet little little. ;)  So cute!

It's hard to pick a favorite!  Nor do I think I could.  Or want to for that matter!  They are all so different - with so many lovely textures and colors.  Everyone did such an amazing job - a lot of them look better than my first run.  No joke!  Haha!  Ahhh, my young grasshoppers.  You have excelled beyond your teachings and are wiser than your teacher.  Lol! <3  Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this post.  If you have a website or blog you'd like to link to - feel free to leave it in the comments - or contact me and I'll put it directly in this post with your rug. :)  Have an awesome, crafty day everyone!!


Nachtgewächs said...

hello Cassandra,
I love the watermelon rug, nice colours.
Have a nice week

Jarka said...

I was looking for the tutorial but couldn't remember where I've seen it! awesome!! I already have the t-shirt yarn for my rug :)

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

Hi Ariane! I know - isn't that one great? I love what she did there too.

Hi Jarka! I keep wondering how those Tshirt rugs would feel underfoot - I bet they're super soft and scrumptious!