Saturday, March 10, 2012

In The Works...

What I've been working on lately:

I've been phenomenally inspired by what I've seen going on in the fashion world lately.  The tribal designs, southwestern flair, all the natural elements - stone, feathers, shell, bone, wood, crystal.

I think it's absolutely beautiful.  And very much my style.  So I've just been playing around with some new ideas.  I got a new Dremel set for Christmas too which I cannot wait to break in!!  I'll be incorporating these kinds of elements into the new stuff that I make from now on.  And more of the components will be handmade too.  So stay tuned on that.  (These ^ two will be in the shop soon.) 

We're off to check out an estate sale that's going on down the street from us.  Just for kicks.  It's the last day, so I'm not sure what I'll find - but that's when you snatch up the best deals too, right? :)

When I get back - it's off to the craftroom for me to work on that handsome Prof. Nerdus Owlus and get some more done on the elephantie I was showing you the other day.  Hooray!!

What are you up to today??

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