Friday, April 13, 2012

Dirrty Dirrty!

So our dirt was delivered last week and this past weekend we were able to get all of it moved into the garden beds!  Woohooo!  First we had to lay mesh down and attach it to the walls so no pesky critters can creep in and snatch my veggies.

Moving the dirt was one heck of a job.  I'm a seriously lucky girl to have two strong men folk in my life who like to help me do stuff like this. <3

I swear I did help (even though, again, the pictures do not show any evidence of it), but the boys did most of the work.  Shoveling dirt is no joke.  I definitely got a good extra work out in that day. :)

Next step - fencing.  Lots of fencing.  And maybe getting a few good buckets of some super rich compost to act as fertilizer and food for my new babies once they're ready to go in.  So excited. :)  And so much more research to do!

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