Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Professor Nerdus Owlus

I just wanted to share with you the finished pics of my Professor Nerdus Owlus plush.

He's the latest custom order I had been working on.  And he actually went out to his new home about a week ago, but I wanted to make sure he arrived home before I shared final pics with everyone. :)

And here's his little bio that I whipped up to go along with him:

Prof. Owlus is a slow and steady kinda guy.  He’s been around a while.  Seen his share of things.  He knows that the most important things in life come to those with patience and determination.  He also believes that a good education and knowledge gained from world experiences trump pretty much all else when it comes to being an interesting and well-rounded sorta person – er, owl.  And yeah, he does his own taxes, plays chess and enjoys a nice cognac at the end of a hard day, sure.  But what he really likes is playing a rousing game of Clue with his grandkids and going out late-night on the weekends to watch the stars with Mrs. Owlus.  Sometimes they stay up all night and get pastries at the local breakfast cafĂ©.  He may be entering his golden years, but you can bet your bum he’ll still teach you a thing or two about how the good life should be lived.

Do you love him?  I do. :)  


StasaLynn said...

Adorable.... and I do love him!


Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

Hi Stacey! Thanks! I can't stand his cute little bowtie and glasses. :)

StasaLynn said...

I know what you mean.... makes you just want to squeeze him and eat a tootsie roll pop..... all at the same time!