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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

To everything...there is a season...

To say that I've been on a bit of a hiatus might be an understatement.  I don't have any great excuse or anything.  All I can honestly say - is that it's just life.  I've been living it. :)  Blogging is just one of those things that will have to take a back burner from time to time I guess.

So what have you all been up to???

I just got home from work and working out and have to make dinner now.  So I'm just poppin in and let you know that I'm still alive.  That I still love you. <3  And that, no, I haven't forgotten about this space.  Things on the crafty front have been relatively quiet.  I want to try to kick that back into a higher gear soon too.  But it's summer my lovelies!!!  A time for running, playing, gardening and generally being outside soaking up sunshine and doing happy things...away from a computer screen. :)

My trail run on Thursday... <3
For now - I'll just leave you with a few of my favorite shots from this weekend's activities.  It was a really nice weekend actually.  I hope yours was equally wonderful.  Talk to you soon!

Cooper - tolerating the newest addition. :)  I'll share more photos of him later...
My carrot babies.  Comin up strong.  A little too strong...I have to thin them out again already.
This is one of many shots I took of a 1920s commercial tanker truck we "met".  It belongs to an adorable old gentleman who actually lives in our neighborhood.  This picture represents taking mini adventures and making new friends. :)
Antiquing at a flea market and then at the Lamb's Tail on a gorgeous Sunday morning.
A pair of adorable goats at the Lamb's Tail.  Ooohhhh how I wish I wish I wish I had some goats. Someday...
Our fantastic finds. :)  
Gilligan tryin to catch some shut eye & Moe with appropriate expression on his fuzzy little face given that Gilligan is catching said shut eye in Moe's "spot".  

Monday, January 2, 2012

Reflecting on 2011 - 12 Months in 12, I mean 13 Photos

2011 was a great year.  I learned a lot.  Tried a lot of new things.  It was really a pretty stock-full kinda year.  Narrowing down the photos to just twelve (okay, I cheated - 13) was really hard.  And - when I was going through all my pictures, I noticed that I had a bunch of intended posts that never made it to the blog.  I'm terrible at that.  Doing things and taking pics and then not getting the blog posts up.  I feel like a bum about it.  It's hard sometimes though.  Life gets in the way.  Ha!  Or does blogging get in the way of life?  I don't know.  I try to keep a good balance.  Maybe that's something I can work on for next year.  I fell into a pretty nice groove for a while, and then when the holidays started up, I feel like it all (my blog, maintaining the Etsy shop, housework, cooking) came screeching to a halt.  Ah well.  Like I said, overall, a great year though.  Here's a little trip down memory lane.

Clarence was completed and sent off to his new home.
I learned how to make pizza.  
I made my first art doll, Eustace.  He's since found himself a wardrobe, thanfully.  I love him.
We had a couple girly crafty parties.  This is a nice little candid shot from our plarn bag party.
I hosted my first (of many) artist interviews this year.  Here's a couple of Lori Nichols' adorable critters.
This was a year of many new antique shops...
...and Estate Sales.
I tried my hand at a few tutorials, including this lovely Mother's Day gift. :)
I completed the biggest, most intricate plush I've created to date - Jagger the Dragon for my nephew. <3
Gnomes came to be.  And were out and about in full force by the end of summer - beefing up the inventory. :)
Here's a shot that never made it up - we found an adorable, local farm - excellent source for great big wonderful pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, etc.  Awesome.  And so picturesque. 
One of the highlights of my whole year - I had my first art/craft show!
And of course, what blog post would be complete without a picture of the boys? <3
I hope your year was a great one too.  If you have a blog and would like to do a little 2011 wrap up, I'd love for you to link up your post in the comments!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My week in photos...

Aside from the fact that I've clearly become obsessed with my Hipstamatic app, we've just been busy with family and holiday type stuff around here lately.  I've also been crafting up a storm - finishing projects and getting some gifts completed.  Tonight I'm actually working on some more plarn bags.  I'd like to stock the shop with them by the time summer rolls around - they make great farmer's market bags!  But other than that, and more specifically, I just wanted to pop in real quick to share my week in re-cap. :)

We attended the "Midnight Madness" event in Romeo again this year.

Gosh, I love looking at all the vintage Christmas stuff.  Especially in this one store - they've got the coolest stuff.  I feel a holiday tradition coming on.  And! while we were in the store, carolers stopped and sang out front!  Real live carolers!!  I don't think I've ever seen/heard carolers in real life.  It was great.  And we did end up bringing home a couple treasures - including a couple of these little cuties:

Moving on - I fiiiiiinally completed my custom order art doll - Boris. :)

Ordered some cute stuff for the boys for Christmas...

Jammed out this adorable little guy for my dad for Xmas.  Don't tell him!  (And sorry for the exposure - bad lighting.)

Jon and I found and stopped at a new antique shop on our way to our annual holiday party yesterday.

Very cute stuff - totally going back when we have more time.  

And our house is totally decked out for Christmas now. :)  Moezilla is lovin it. 

How's your holiday season shaping up?  Are you making gifts?  Deckin your halls?  Will you be having Christmas dinner at your place?  Do you feel ready?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A couple new vintage goodies...

...just listed in the shop!

Find them here.

Find them here.
I found these ^ sets at an awesome garage sale in our neighborhood this summer.  The couple were serious collectors of many things.  Mostly though, the wife loved Pyrex and glassware.  (Hooray!)  And the hubby had a bunch of old radios and garagey stuff.  I came away from that treasure trove with the above sets for the shop, as well as an adorable coffee cup set...

...and some great bakeware...

...for myself!  :)  I'm gonna need a bigger kitchen.

Speaking of things I want to keep for myself, I completed this guy today!

Don't you just love him?!  I'm totally in love with this one.  The colors are gorgeous together.  Alas...I can't keep him.  He's destined for the show in November.  (If you love him though - you can call dibs now!)

PS: If you're a fan of Pooknflip on Facebook - you already know you're the first to know about all newly listed goodies (most times, even before they're listed!).  If you're not, see the sidebar on the blog if you'd like to LIKE me. <3

Friday, August 19, 2011

Estate Finds

We headed out to an estate sale this morning - it was actually a bunch of stuff which was brought down from up north (for all you non-Michiganders, "up north" refers to the northern half of the state - Michigan's vacation territory) from a couple of cabins.  Today was the second day, but we still made off with some goodies!

Look at all that good stuff!  A new (old) star sieve.  A couple of vintage (antique?) folding measuring sticks.  An adorable set of cups from Japan (they're going in the shop this afternoon!). A pair of super cute earrings.  A copper owl brooch (he'll be in the shop too later!).  Some eyelet trim for gnome-making.  A great old wooden box for storage.  And buttons!!!  TONS of buttons.  At an excellent price.  It's really hard to find vintage and antique buttons at any sort of reasonable price.  I made out like a bandit. :)

Here's a closer look at some of my absolute favorites from the lot...

Aren't they neato?  Some I probably won't even use.  I like to collect the really cool ones.  But some you will definitely see on some in-the-works plushies. :)  Those two in the middle - second row in...a round one and an oval one - look like they're made of bone or horn or something.  And that set of square but circle blue ones near the back are awesome.  Love 'em.

And here's a better picture of my new earrings and the owly.

Like I said, the owl will be in the shop later, but the earrings are all mine.  Aren't they great?  I mean, how sweet are they?!  I just love the tiny little enameled flowers.  So very Springy and fun. <3

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Playin' hooky for estate sales

Hee hee!  Shhhh.  ;)  There was an estate sale I just had to go to yesterday.  I took some personal time...and headed on out super early to get first picks.  I pulled up, got a number, and a spot...

The view from my parking spot.
...pulled out some homework...

I'm taking a business class this semester.
...and waited for them to open.  I'm still new to this whole thing, so I kinda missed the starting gun.  :(  They started letting people into the outbuildings - which is what I was most interested in anyway - before the house - which is what the numbers were for apparently.

I missed out on a couple items (it was really a delay of maybe 3 minutes - geesh!) but that's okay.  I'm learning! :)  It's every man for himself and don't wait in your car too long.  I was trying not to be rude by hanging about the doors 1/2 hour before opening time since I had a number.  Well, now I know!  I haven't been to a lot of these things this early.  I prefer to just wander in whenever the mood strikes.

I plan on going again either tomorrow (today?) or Sunday to see if I can get any super good deals.  So I'll come back with more pics and share what I brought home then.  What about you?  Do you "estate sale"?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Battle Alley Arcade Antiques

This place is amazing.  Not only did they have a ton of super cool stuff (like these figural measuring tapes....

...I might feel another collection coming on - don't tell Jon!), the space itself was unlike anything I've ever seen.

Okay, granted I don't get out a whole lot.  But still.

The floor in the main "drag" of the building is made of slices of pine from a local farm.  Then they had a tar guy come in and lay them all in and seal it up.  They did that in 1970ish, I think she said, when they converted the building to what it is today - a super-cool antique mall.

Eeeeeeekkk!  Do you see how many buttons there are here?!  And all sorted by type and material!  One jar (see it in the front?) is even rainbow-ized!

I have a ridiculous amount of vintage buttons already.  Otherwise I would've brought some home.  Actually, if they had a jar of wooden buttons - it would have been mine.  But the closest they had was bone.

The architectural elements in this place are just beyond cool.  Coupled with the fact that this was the same day we found that awesome estate sale, and then we went to the big antique shop I shared with you yesterday, I mighta been kinda antiqued-out for the day.  Because, honestly - I was more interested in the structure and history of this place by the time we got inside.  I'll be going back for sure.

Seriously, how cool is this place?  Next time, I'll have to spend a bit more time on the actual antiques!